Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creativity Exercise and Spring class list

Creativity Exercise
Ariele M. Huff
      So many people want to know how to sell their writing, or how to polish it, or copyedit it. Those questions are easily answered. Standard guidelines and rules apply to most of that.
      However, the practices that would help most people are those that put them more in touch with that wild and unpredictable, that elusive and tricky creative muse within them.
       Rules are easy—though seem not to be fun for most of us. They can be learned and then recalled when needed, though they may differ a bit, depending on the authority being quoted.
       On the other hand, the creative spark is, by definition, unique for each person. Fortunately, the experience and things that trigger it can be quite similar. With that in mind, here’s one of many creativity stimulating exercises.
        Wear loose-fitting clothing; find a comfortable and private place to sit. Have ready for use paper and a smoothly flowing pen. (Pilot Precise is my favorite.)
         Pleasant soft music with no words is okay, but quiet is better. No food or drink or electronics for right now.
         Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on a lovely beach. The air is warm. Walk slowly and appreciatively into the almost clear water, and feeling a gentle sun on your back.
         Go out till you are at mid-calf depth. You notice that you’ve stirred up the golden sand just enough to make your feet invisible in the cloudy ripples.
         Leaning over, you place your flat palms at the water’s surface, feeling the light lapping. Gradually, you lower your hands until they reach the bottom. It’s so mysterious and delightful. Taking your time, you delicately touch everything near you. Feel the curves and edges, the softness and hardness, the smoothness and unevenness. While you do this, attempt not to name any of the things you are touching—not “shell,” “pebble,” or “seaweed”—just each sensation for its own sake.
          Now, stop moving your hands and notice what moves against them and the skin of your arms. Again, allow the sensations without labeling them as seaweed, current, or fish.
           Since you’ve stopped moving, the water becomes transparent again, and you begin to see the things you felt. You are pleased to find how accurate you were in some cases and how wrong in others. What had felt like a strand of kelp was, in fact, a small fish. You feel the wonder of blending your physical perceptions with your mental analysis of them. It’s a lovely tapestry—this life you are living with your ways of exploring and discovering it.
           Finally, imagine the things you felt beneath the water represent anything you’d like to write about. Dwell for a few minutes in a similar quest under the surface for hints in that topic.
Begin writing when you wish.
April workshops and classes:

SHORELINE CC PLUS 50    16101 Greenwood Ave. North  206-533-6706
You're in Charge: PODs, Blogs, & eBooks: Learn about digital publishing (blogs, PODs, and eBooks). Digital tips help students spend little, earn well. 4/30 10am-2pm               $10.45
Get Rich, $tay Rich Make money your friend & servant. Learn simple ways to become the richest person you know. This easy class is a step-by-step guide to bettering your life & circumstances—a Money Makeover. Wealth is within your grasp. 4/26 – 5/17 6-8:30pm  $24.28

EVERETT COMMUNITY COLLEGE (at Cont Ed location on Seaway Blvd)                425-267-0150
Dialogue Workshop Learn guidelines and practice creating authentic dialogue, one of the hardest—and most important skills in writing. Punctuation issues are thoroughly covered. 4/9 10-2pm        $49
Processing Loss Workshop  Loss is a natural part of every life. But, sometimes we get stuck in recovery because the heart doesn’t obey rules…doesn’t follow schedules. Whether it’s a loved one, a pet, your stock portfolio, or your health, loss can be depressing, lonely, and painful. This unique workshop created by the author of the Processing Loss Workbook, is comfort in a time of need—company on the journey to healing. Bring finger food snacks to share.   4/16 Sat 10-2 pm     $55
Get Rich, $tay Rich   5/14  Sat 10-2pm            $55

Creative Writing Lab Access your creative mind in an experiential writing workshop composed of unique exercises and group discussion.  Blocks & obstacles that stay the flow from thought to paper (or concept to action) dissolve in an atmosphere of acceptance & enthusiasm. This fun class is designed as a stimulus & catalyst for discovery & expression through writing for all levels of word-oriented people. 4/13-5/186 Wednesdays 6:30-8pm    $89


EDMONDS SENIOR CENTER   220 Railroad Ave, Edmonds      206-361-6733
Writer’s Round Table  4/8 & 22, 5/6 &20, 6/3 & 17  (6 Fri) 12:45-3pm Work on your life story, a novel, poetry, or any project. $12 per session on Drop-in basis
GREENWOOD Senior Center    525 North 85th in Seattle   206-361-6733
Write About Your Life  3/31 to 6/2 (10 Thurs) 1:15-3:15 pm   $70  (or $10 drop-in)


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