Friday, September 11, 2015

Shoreline class--CHEAP

 Cheap Class--GRAB it!

 Getting What You Want: Winning Letters & Emails 

Whether you’re after a promotion, a new account, stronger ties in business, a new job, a better deal, an apology, a refund, or freebies, a few well-placed words can turn the trick. 
Learn the basics of creating persuasive messages in this to-the-point class where 
we’ll look at specific student needs as well as general rules.  

9/29-10/27 6-8pm (5 Tuesdays)                                                                           $25.99

SHORELINE CC PLUS 50    16101 Greenwood Ave. North  (rm 1304)       206-533-6706

FYI--This class is available to anyone of any age.  Sign up soon to make sure the class runs. 

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  1. All these students! What a wealth of people in my life.