Thursday, June 25, 2015

My friend, Elizabeth Lyon is the author of the Compass series of books about how to write and how to get published. Her books have been recommended as the places to get information about these skills by none less than Writers Market. I have them all. I use them. I've incorporated pieces from them into my classes and workshops though I met Elizabeth after I was already a well established writer, columnist, editor of magazines and books, and writing instructor. So, seriously, take note: She has just released a new member of her new smaller books bookshelf, to join Writing Subtext. In her own words:

 Ta-da: My #2 booklet is now out. Crafting Titles.

Today there is a blog interview. If you feel comfortable about it, would you *share* on your FB page, or with your email devotees?

The interview is really well done. Do take time to check it out!

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